Day 2 Lipscani Production

Second day of shooting was in the fantastic hidden place called Casa do Alentejo. It is an open public space where people have seminar’s, workshops, dance, dine and wine in the restaurant. Today it’s shooting time and we were very early.

There was a challenge. Although it is an open public space. One of the managers of Casa do Alentejo had not so good experience with teams who did shooting or film at that place. So the plan was to ask permission again when arriving at Casa do Alentejo.

Turns out there was nobody there that Sunday morning. The place was empty. So we just began to shoot in our upmost discretion.

Unavoidable we still got a warning. Some guy or manager of the building gave us a speech although I couldn’t understand Portuguese. Mariana and our production manager Ligia hushed a word for us. Already Iwas thinking to go to the second location which we planned yesterday. Eventually the situation ended up in this speech he wanted to give, but i guess he couldn’t dissmiss us in prescence of our stunning model Fernanda Mayer Evangelista. 😉

This reminds me again that you’re always 100% dependant on all people present on location.

A big lesson which I didn’t listen to. Or maybe I didn’t want to be the cultural barbarian on doing things my way. Maybe the lesson there was: Learn to speak the language first. Anyway this rule is international and its good to keep in mind.

The last thing I wanted to mention is that the building was revamped in 1919. Right in the beginning of the 1920ties which is perfect for the theme we are looking for. You can feel the history of decadency and the rich culture it breathes. This day surely was a present resulting in a great series of photo’s and some images became my new darlings.

What do you think?

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