Crowdfunding als graadmeter voor een succesvol boekverkoop

    Hoe helpt jouw boek je lezer? Wat is het voordeel voor jouw klant om jouw boek te kopen? Hoe kan je testen of je publiek zit te wachten op je boek? Ga je werkelijk zoveel tijd steken in het schrijven van een boek als het niet wordt gelezen? Zouden mensen het lezen als je je boek het weg zou geven? Zo ja, zouden

Crowdfunding als graadmeter voor een succesvol boekverkoop2016-01-30T20:02:28+02:00

Hoe ik mijn boek al uitverkocht heb voordat het op de boekenplank ligt.

Crowdfunding Om meteen met de deur in te huisvallen: Het is CROWDFUNDING. :) Voordat je wegklikt en als je voor het eerst mijn blog leest even een snelle korte uitleg: Ik ben Armando Ello fotograaf/filmer en creatief ondernemer. Crowdfunding heb ik ontdekt vorig jaar mei toen ik had besloten om crowdfunding in te zetten voor mijn bedrijf. Hier onder mijn eerste blogpost over

Hoe ik mijn boek al uitverkocht heb voordat het op de boekenplank ligt.2016-01-27T22:35:36+02:00


Arriving in the harbour city of Semarang, the final interview was scheduled with Els Marijn, the 82-year old great-granddaughter of African soldier Floris Marijn. As Els grew up with her paternal grandparents, she has an amazing knowledge of the pre-war African community. She even remembered two phrases in an African dialect of which 'sika ni ho' turned out to be 'There is no money' in

A TRIP THROUGH MEMORY LANE2011-10-10T22:08:14+02:00


While staying in Purworejo, the production team tried to locate the last African descendants who are the children of the late Eveline Sujarno, a granddaughter of African soldier Gerrit Artz. After asking around in the former kampung Afrikan, the Setyobudi family came to the rescue. Their son Emmanuel offered to contact Sumara Sujarno who lives in the desa of Lugosobo near Purworejo. Riding his cool

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Travelling by train from Bandung to Yoygyakarta, the production team got off at the village of Kebumen round midnight. As there are no taxi cabs in this tiny town, two ojek's were hired to drive the 50 kilometer to the old garrison town of Purworejo. When in Java, do as the Javanese. The next day, the former kampung Afrikan was visited where remarkably all the

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The second and last interview in Bandung took place with Ivonne Hasania, daughter of the late Johanna Stap. Ivonne's great-grandfather is African soldier Govert Stap who was born in 1837 in the the northern region of Ghana. In 1862, he enlisted in the Dutch Indies army and settled in the garrison town of Soerakarta (Solo) after his military career. Govert Stap's son Albinus also joined

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Right after the hujan stopped during the current monsoon season, the production team travelled to the desa Ranca Ekek south of Bandung where Benny, Eddy and Yetti Niks live. Their great-grandfather is African soldier Najoersie who came from the region that nowadays is Burkina Faso. Soldier Najoersie's son Willem requested official permission to change the family name into 'Niks' (which means 'nothing' in the Dutch

HALO BANDUNG, PART 22011-10-10T22:08:19+02:00


Right before leaving for Bandung, the production team visited the war cemetery Menteng Pulo where Dutch war victims (both military and civil) are buried. In the beautiful church, the wooden cross from Burma that serves as a memorial for all the victims of the railway, has been given a central place. In the register, the names of KNIL-soldiers Adriaan Adeboi and Achilles Marijn were found

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On the road

The next interviews were planned with Dien Bonimbie (who goes by the name of Ibu Tiny) and the sisters Irene and Helena Artz. Ibu Tiny lives in the 'wilayah' of Senen in the heart of Jakarta. Contrary to her brothers and sisters who all left for The Netherlands after Indonesia gained independence, she was never informed about the temporary procedure to request a travel visa.

On the road2011-10-10T22:08:25+02:00
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