Who is Lipscani?


Lipscani is a South Portugese jewellery Brand based in Portimao. It is a family brand started on 2010 but the jewels were crafted for more then 25 years. The daughter of Gina Pires who runs the store with the family and does the main part of marketingcommunication extended the brand with her own new design of accessoiries like women bags, scarfs and jewellery. Besides the fact she speaks 7 Languanges fluently she studied Fashion communication in The Netherlands Utrecht and did her Master befor her twenties. Her designs are particular inspired by the the mix of the culture and architecture of Romania and Portugal.

Mariana Isabel-Pires

Mariana Isabel-Pires


Getting to know the brand

For the few days i visited Portugal I’ve been told that the Portugese fancy everything that is of foreign origin. It seems that authentic Portugese brands are having a hard time in selling their products to portuguese people.

Some fashion blogs picked it up that Mariana’s designs should be more apreciated by its own country. In several ways I’ve noticed the difference that the Netherlands and the Portugese share their broadly mixed culture, because of the history of colonies they had in the past, but still I can say that in these times of recession it exists that dutch people can be more proud of their dutch (company) brands.


How to approach with my photography

Small companies can survive market change because they can adapt business more easy and choose specific niches. It is a challenging mission with my modest knowledge of photography and business to visualize what the story and brand tries to communicate. Of course I must stay true to the fashion and try to sell their product but I rather take photography to the next level and hit the core of ‘why’ the company exist. Their mission which is make the people feel their life can be romantic and luxurious whith what they have. Apreciate their own autentic craftmanship and enrich themselves with their natural interest from abroad and to be inspired. Eventually I believe what Simon Sinek has coded in the ‘Golden Circle’. ‘People don’t buy what you do, they buy why you do it.’

I’dont know if I succeeded with my approach, but I know that as a team we have gave the brand visuals with the feel of luxury which we or at least I can do it better next time.


The seven days I was staying there felt like two weeks and did so much impressions which I still have to like sort out in my head. I felt very welcome by the friends and family of Mariana Pires and enjoyed the meditaranian life and ridiculously good food. This experience thought me a lot and hopefully my own mission influence the growth of brands like these which are very rare and specially unique in their courage of staying true to themselves.


Phone pmpression of the day’s in Portimao and Iissabon.

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