Blog Progress May 19, 2020


The work is piling up and I notice that my computer starts to run slowly because of all the projects I have open. Simplifying my online presale course is steadily growing. I notice that I think a lot about the strategy and that some implementation pieces can sometimes take days to find out that I cannot use it in the funnel that I create.

Like creating a sales page.

I did it full-time for 3 days and decide in the end that I can’t use it. And just because the Funnel example I model doesn’t use it that way either.

The key to the other funnel is giving webinars. And I unconsciously try to avoid that because last time it failed and I did not take out the advertising costs and that is a waste of the investment.

Still, the webinar is on the program and I’m going to do it, but you can’t do that half. However, I am still learning, learning, learning every day. There is no end to that. So with every new goal I write down, I come across the learning moments that I need that day to continue. As if that is sometimes step-by-step and it feels like I’m not getting any further.

Perseverance is the only strategy left after all procrastination. That is why this blog that I still keep daily. Not thinking about the topics that I need every day to write about. But reminding me to do this to find my voice. That is the goal. Traffic will come later if I keep this up consistently.

And then I need that to convert the numbers that I need to break even. When that happens. Then the real work starts and I can’t wait for that to happen after the launch and that is very fast! So I get back to work quickly!

Which projects are you currently working on?