Yesterday I spoke with an accountability partner, and she gave me feedback on how she experienced my emails about my journey making online courses

Also, because she wanted to send the link to her spouse who is interested in photography.

This gave me the idea to just open up the gates because everything is almost ready to go and have made my first videos for my online course.

So new participants and enthusiasts can see my lessons online and experience themselves.

This was my solution to get rid of the email opt-in in front f my free course. This also gives me the opportunity to get some reactions feedback and experience to the people thinking of buying my project.

But what I did not expect is one person in my email list already purchasing my complete photography product suite!

Although there are 2 links on the front page which is 1 to buy and one to go see the first video without any followup. One person decided to go for it and purchase the suite.

The month of 7day’s a week of full-time work is paying, and I am not there yet, because the goal is 10 students to enroll a start making the course at the end of May and the beginning of June. But I can tell you that is sure gives me the motivation to make this course an awesome experience now I know I have students in the class to give it to.

What an abundance!