How to shoot when you have limited data to save.

A remarkable process behind the shoot.

Namely. I forgot my 128Gig SD card.
For me, this was very inconvenient because I didn’t have much time to make the group pictures and portraits because a few people had to go soon.

My luck was that the Editor-in-chief had an SD card is his wallet! a 128Megabit card which is 1000 times less room to save pictures on.

So I set my settings to the lowest JPG quality settings of my 32MP camera (which is still enough for billboard prints) but I had approximately 42 shots per session and 8 People to shoot for each session.

This reminded me of the old day’s when I shot on film and had 36 shots per film and shot 3 films max per person. This day I did better, oproximatly 1 film for each person.

So here are the results. You can see the edited version by pressing in the pic on your phone or hover the mouse.