The last obstacle I have to concur with is making a live webinar script. After that I can make live recordings for launching my upcoming webinar which will be the opposite than the last time.


It has haunted me for weeks now. Because it was the first mistake I have made with going live on my webinar.

I was naive of thinking people would appreciate the value because it is the best I am giving, But people just left like they didn’t care.

I must say also some people stated they appreciated my stuff, but the low numbers were speaking volumes.

Unique selling point

This market is competitive, because there many.

This brings me to my Unique Proposition and that is my vehicle. I discovered that this is the piece I am missing for my prospects and the type of students I am looking for.

That type is a Photographer who wants to get better with serving clients because getting better at your photography skill is not that hard. And maybe it is easy for me to say, but what really is hard is to manage expectations from your client who is not a photographer.

As photographers, our first instinct is that we are offended when clients don’t like the result when at the same time we think the photo is just fine and sometimes you think the photo is the best picture you have ever taken, but the client always has another view on the matter.


This makes us learn really fast that we as a photographer do not know what beauty is in the eyes of the beholder. So what we do is shoot even more to give more choice later on.

For who do we take a picture?

The problem is that we always have to keep in mind for whom we photograph. This is impossible to learn at school because by definition the teacher who gives you assignments is not your client in the real world.

Therefore, the photography diploma we get is a piece of paper worth nothing. Learning the skills is not that hard, but it requires some training yes.

Working with clients though is another ballgame but manageable. As long as you can communicate what you can do with photography with an emphasis on ‘you’. If a friend of yours pays you any amount for your services it becomes a client, and he/she has an expectation in return for that compensation.

Expectations on a webinar

With a free webinar, people pay their time to get some kind of value in return, but delivering of that value has changed over time and people expect the best of the best.

So free-flowing and teaching and try to wing the webinar doesn’t cut it.

I have to prepare with a certain script which involves selling as well. And it is even necessary because it is expected of webinars.

High ticket and low ticket webinars all sell from the get-go whether you know it or not and it is not what you think what you are being sold to.

It is actually to be education, inspiration, and believe that my product works for them.(which is called the vehicle).

This is my focus for today and this week. So I am curious to learn how people will react to my presentations.

What I want to offer is a free masterclass for every day until the first of June and it is not going to perfect but I do enjoy the process and it is exciting!

What do you get stuck on this week in your personal projects? (if you have one?)